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Westmoreland Dedication

The Westmoreland home for the Evans Family was dedicated on Sunday, November 24, 2013.  In  addition to family and friends, the dedication was attended by members of the Westmoreland Chamber of Commerce, Mayor Michael Carter, and Habitat Board Members Jim Hawkins, John Espey, John Jones, Michael Smith, and Stan Carver.  Special thanks go out to Charlie Millson and the Rotary of Westmoreland for providing the refreshments and a gift basket for the family.  Sponsors for this build included Herschberger Construction, Westmoreland Church of Christ, Crossroads Church, A & R Roofing, City of Westmoreland, Strong Tower Church, Generation Church (Portland), Mo Town Pizza, Any Way Mailing, and First United Methodist Church (Hendersonville). This was the first Habitat for Humanity home constructed in Westmoreland in over 10 years.